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Thursday 23 November 2023


We are now officially in the Christmas build up because the Christmas lights are up at the house across the road from us.

Monday night cycling is a bit mad with a full complement of 28 riders on the track and at one point they had to stop the session to tell everyone to calm down.

When I get home, as ever, the Lad refuses to greet me and stays upstairs because I am arm in arm with my trusty steed. Which is otherwise known as the evil bike that hisses at him when I blow up its tyres.

L is at PT on Tuesday while I also brave the gym. Which was hard work as the day after cycling always is. It's not really the best day to go.

Our next door neighbours are having a porch or something similar built. Either that or they are having very permanent Christmas decorations to upstage those across the road. If it’s a porch it’s going to be a very small one person one.

On Wednesday the Lad gets a double training session at tunnel night. He sleeps well after that.

On Thursday L and I do a post-work gym session together at 5pm. It is busy but not horrific as we thought it might be. Then we head off to a gig together as I take L to see one of her faves of back in the day - Big Country.

(Thursday 23rd November)

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