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Sunday 26 November 2023

Ford Capri

L has a busy day on Friday. A swim and gym at Lenton and then the frequently stressful trip to Mickleover. I have a Committee meeting in the evening. Not really the thing you want on a Friday but finding a mutually convenient date for these meetings is always hard.

On Saturday we take Parkrun on the road to Belton House near Grantham and even I join in. Then we are both in Derby, L’s in the Derbion and I’m at the match. My Dad has spent the morning driving an old Ford Capri up at Ambergate which was last year’s Christmas present from my brother. Now he wants his own Capri, just to sit on his drive so that he can look at it. That’s a bit indulgent but before thinking about that he needs a new freezer as his old one has just packed up.

In the evening we are out for a curry with friends. L and I have a drink first in the Good Fellow George then we meet them down at the Laguna Tandoori. This was once our favourite Indian Restaurant and I’ve been going here, off and on, since 1992. Unfortunately we haven’t been that impressed the last few times we’ve been and tonight it is again very average. There is also a long wait for our main course.

On Sunday the Lad and I have one of our vanishingly rare dog shows. That’s his fault not mine or at least that’s the story I’m sticking to. This means L again has to do the Sunday run without us.

The show goes a lot better than I expected. ‘We' are still crap obviously but not as crap as I expected ‘we’ would be. His weaving was good although never at the first attempt and his Steeplechase course was outstanding apart from the extra tunnel he slotted in when he though no one was looking. The problem was that the judge certainly was looking. Overall though we’re still speaking and I’m slightly enthused.

Later I do the gym with L and then raise a glass to Terry Venables who sadly died this weekend. 

(Sunday 26th November)

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