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Sunday 15 April 2018

A Touch Of Competitiveness

Today it’s the Derby 10k and I’d already decided not to do it before I got injured. I take the boys along to support L, Daughter and L’s sister who are all doing it. My Dad, as ever, also turns up to add his support.

The three girls seem to run most of it together until a touch of competitiveness seems to sneak in towards the end and it becomes every woman for themselves. All of them do good times though.

The race itself seems to be going slowly downhill though. No stadium finish any more, t-shirts sent out in advance and no goodie bag.

The Lad has a great time, especially when he sets himself free because his collar snaps. Then he has an even greater time when we pop in a my parents’ place on the way home.

In the evening we dump the dogs and check out the two new Pubs in Hockley. We’d already been in the Lacemarker’s Arms but we revisit again tonight where they do Grafton’s Coco Loco. More promising though is the Head Of Steam, a Cameron’s chain pub, where we also eat. Then we finish off with a nightcap in Kean’s Head.

(Sunday 15th April)

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