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Monday 9 April 2018

Puppy Power

L complains about the pace of the morning walk which seems to be getting more manic each day due to the rapidly increasing puppy power. Doggo, bless him, was the anchor that slowed everything down. 

Tiring the little tyke out is proving no mean feat, he’s on his expandable lead on the park but keeps strangling himself when he reaches the end of his tether while chasing balls. L thinks one day he’ll snap the lead but that expandable lead has already seen off two other puppies but I suspect she doesn’t trust it.

In the evening he’s at the vets again for another check up and worming. A worming which is now redundant after the manifestation we saw in his faeces this weekend, after which we were dosing him up on MD’s worming tablets pronto.

My masseur is apparently most anxious to know how I went on in Sheffield, I do hope L has softened the blow for him. He will see himself as personally responsible for my latest injury.

(Monday 9th April)

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