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Monday 23 April 2018

The Polar Opposite

MD has always been rather keen at barking at everything and everybody. He’s a bit nervous, so I think it’s basically him telling everyone that he wants his own space and therefore not to bother him.

The Lad on the other hand, perhaps naively, loves everything and everybody. He always wants to say hello. Which is basically the polar opposite. So much so that he tries to bite MD when his barking looks like scaring away a potential punter for a love-in. This can produce a somewhat bizarre sight for any third party observer.

L tells me that there is no Birmingham Marathon this year despite them already having started taking entries. Not that it was on my radar for this year. It will now take a break and return in 2019. I don’t think having the full in the morning and the half in the afternoon worked, so I can see it getting its own separate day now and perhaps earlier in the year as this will likely now double as the Commonwealth Games Marathon in 2022.

I spend the evening chucking balls and assembling the new lawn mower. I would have tried it out on the grass but it’s a rechargeable one and it doesn't come charged up.

(Monday 23rd April)

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