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Friday 20 April 2018

Free To A Good Home

Monday it’s our Committee Meeting and again the Navigation Inn isn’t open. It’s in the process of being converted to a Tapas Bar but I though that was all done now. It probably wouldn’t be that welcoming for us anyway so perhaps its better that we’re now back in the Dog and Duck.

Tuesday, I’m on the bike and it’s a bit blustery which always gives the legs a good workout. Not that it’s really what I want with my calf still bad. Meanwhile L takes the dogs on the park carrying a placard saying ‘free to a good home’.

I’ve just sat down with my breakfast and started recovering from my bike ride, when the nagging emails start arriving. Sometimes it’s African Princes wanting to relocate their millions to the UK, sometime it’s your partner wanting to know if we’re going to the Faroes and Jersey Boys. Yes to both, I suppose.

Tuesday night is dogging and then on Wednesday I’m back in London for a meeting.

Thursday, I’m back on the bike and really regretting forgetting my shades. What nice weather we’re having, if you like that sort of thing. L is out in Derby in the evening and we meet her off bus because squash is off again. I would have had a problem getting there anyway. L did mention that Daughter thought the car was ‘hissing’ last night. This probably explains the flat tyre. So I have a spot of wheel changing to do.

Friday, I’m on the bike again. Ta da, three in a week. It's almost like the old days when I was young and fit. I think I may have had a bit of a powernap half way through it though. 

(Friday 20th April)

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