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Friday 27 April 2018

Self Inflicted

I’m back in London again on Wednesday as I go down there with our support manager, so that he can witness this customer’s crazy world for himself. It does at least seem to be the case that they are coming around to the fact that most of their problems are self inflicted but it’s early days on that front yet. Later I decide to skip dog training, seven hours in the car is enough for one day.

We have left another member of our staff down there for the rest of the week and I’m on call to provide phone support to her from 6am on Thursday. She calls at bang on 6am. At least it’s a few hours extra overtime to claim for.

I finally head into work at 10.15 after a lot of chucking balls and phone support. I had hoped this extra ball time would tire the lads out but it doesn’t seem to have done.

I am not in work for long until I leave to meet my parents at Pride Park Stadium for lunch, this is for the launch of Derby County’s Golden Rams club which gives free season tickets, a free coat and a free blanket to all their supporters over the age of 85 and who have held season tickets for last five years. They are also getting a free lunch today for which they are both allowed a guest. Hence my attendance and that of my brother. Now, cottage pie or fish and chips?

The restart of squash has now been delayed until 10th May as we are away next week but then he’ll probably say it’s tennis season. So with no squash again, I book my masseur.

Friday and it’s my birthday. Yay. I’m at work obviously although some companies, like Daughter’s, give you the day off. Not that I really see the attraction of being Billy No Mates home alone on your birthday because everyone else is at work. Perhaps a cash bonus instead?

L says she is ready for a stiff G and T to help me celebrate, problem is I’m blaming last night’s stiff G and no T for my headache this morning.

(Friday 27th April)

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