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Thursday 10 May 2018

Fraught With Legal Difficulties

The working week opens with L’s birthday on Tuesday which she celebrates with a doctor's appointment in the morning and a GDPR training course in the afternoon. She is worried about nodding off in it but I’m sure it won’t be dull... and she can tell me all about it afterwards. Saves me doing a course.

Her conclusion after the course is that even emailing sensitive documents between herself and her boss is now fraught with legal difficulties. It appears the easiest solution may be to post everything, even if the intended recipient is sitting at the next desk.

Tuesday is also a momentous day for the Lad, he is loose in the house for the first time!

On Wednesday L is the one in London for work, not me. I’m on the bike and surprisingly I’m not too fat to swing my leg over the saddle. Impressed by that fact, my colleague and I go for lunchtime pizza at the Yard.

I’m also on the bike on Thursday but we’re not playing squash because I couldn’t get a court. In a rash moment I check the Tennis Centre’s website and they are open, now there’s a novelty. So tennis it is then. Oh the joy.

L walks the boys to me and then goes in the gym while the boys (and I) go to the pub, the Victoria. We return for L later.

(Thursday 10th May)

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