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Saturday 12 May 2018

Nobody Votes For Us Again

We have a dog show today purely because the club are fund raising for a wall. Yes, it’s not just Trump who wants a wall. This though will be somewhat smaller than his 2,000 mile long pipe dream.

L is worried it might be too hot for the boys if I’m working all day but it’s not too bad, it’s practically snowing in fact. Not that L believes me.

MD and I have five largely unsuccessful runs between helping on the ring. They are not bad runs but nothing sensational. I ask L how her parkrun was? Not bad but nothing sensational apparently. The Lad however has a sensational day. He barks at everything, bites through another halti and then falls asleep in his box ready to come home.

In the evening, it’s Eurovision where nobody votes for us again. Yet there doesn’t appear to be much wrong with our song, just our country. 

(Saturday 12th May)

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