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Friday 18 May 2018

The God of Tarmac

Monday brings Derby’s Championship Play Off Semi Final 2nd Leg with Fulham and I pay for a Sky TV game for first time ever. Which I do through Now TV. I say ‘first time ever’ but I did buy a game through them once before for the Hull Play Off game two years ago but I was so disgusted after the first leg defeat that I never used it. I though perhaps I’d still have the unused credit on my account but no, it had expired.

After their negative performance in the 1st leg, Derby are far too positive in the 2nd Leg and lose 2-0. A fair result though, Fulham are a much better side than Derby. It would have been a travesty if we’d gone up, our team should have finished mid-table at best.

On Tuesday I’m on the bike and in the evening at dog training while L and Daughter go to the ballet, to which I was invited. It’s a Matthew Bourne ballet of Cinderella who did the Edward Scissorhands thing I saw years ago but this is a screening at the Savoy Cinema. Which is all a bit middle class for Lenton.

On Wednesday night I am out with my friend from school and surprisingly one of the other chaps, who used to join us, turns up unexpectedly. The first time for a year or more. We have a couple in the Alexandra before going to the Brunswick for food.

There is no tennis on Thursday as my opponent has no transport. I cycle though as I also do on Friday.

As I hit Coventry Lane in Bramcote on Friday, I realise that it has been resurfaced and not with stone chippings. It is as smooth as a smooth thing. All hail the God of Tarmac and the thing is they’ve done all this since yesterday. Wow.

On the way home the road through Stapleford is closed and cordoned off because of an accident but they let me through and don’t make me cycle the long way round.

The boys seem to be coping with begin left loose together or rather MD is surviving the experience. We hade been worried about ruining MD’s days by leaving the Lad loose but he doesn’t look too beaten up when we get home. All four ears remain present and correct. Whenever we walk them and MD barks at something the Lad gives him a nip. Things are improving though because I think MD is learning not to cross the Puppy. 

The Lad is probably also too busy during the day to attack MD. He seems to be a hoarder and his pastime when we’re out seems to be collecting a pile of things in the hall from dog toys to tea towels, dish cloths etc but I have no idea where he got L’s strappy top from.

(Friday 18th May)

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