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Sunday 27 May 2018

Wreaking Havoc

The weekend sees me spending two days at the Newark Showground for a dog show. Saturday is the Crufts Team Qualifier and where we qualified last year while on Sunday we are fund raising for our club by running a competition ring for the Nottingham club.

L joins us on the Saturday and does Newark Parkrun before heading across to the showground. L says her parkrun will be slow but then she is ill and developing quite a cough.

In the qualifier our team does better (score wise) than last year with 20 faults but this year that’s only good enough for sixth. Which is still impressive, out of fifty teams, but only the winners qualify.

Saturday night we stay in because on Sunday, while I am back at the dog show, L along with her sister and Daughter head up to Clumber Park for a monthly 10k run they now do there. What’s more it’s free, even to park. The girls also tell me the bacon rolls are excellent, no mention of the run other than that it’s three and half loops. Ugh.

At the dog show, MD is not on top form but the Lad is having a blast e.g. wreaking havoc. L asks how many dogs I’m bringing home? That depends how many dogs she wants me to bring home? I’m not speaking to either of them.

In the evening we again take advantage of the Bank Holiday deal at Iberico Tapas while also having a few drinks in the Head Of Steam and the Cock n Hoop. The Cock n Hoop seems to be specialising in the dark and strong at the moment but at 7% their Stout is perhaps a little too deadly for a long session.

(Sunday 27th May)

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