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Thursday 16 July 2020

All Be Over In Time For Christmas

Monday I run 10k with the Lad, over the bridge by the University and then across the park picking up MD for the final sprint to the line.

L has now started into a routine of going out in the real world (aka into work) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Leaving me alone with the boys who spend most of their time trying to look bored but I don’t think they are really.

Derby lose again on Tuesday, this time at Cardiff.

On Wednesday I play Tennis for the first time this year and over lunch which is just so metropolitan. Not that the Tennis Centre has given us much choice as they are only open until 6pm which seems jobist but then it’s the council, so what do you expect. I emailed them a couple of weeks ago and asked why they weren’t open later given we have light nights at the moment and that some of us are still at work but got no response.

That said they’ve contracted the booking out to the LTA’s Spark Tennis which has a much easier booking system than the council. Two clicks rather than twenty-two and because the rest of the centre is closed they even email you the exit code for the car park barrier. L has the car so I bike down to the courts which is so easy, literally taking five minutes across the university.

Thursday is my fortnightly trip to Mordor aka Asda on behalf of my parents. It is tempting to go in full scrubs and a little comforting that shopping in a mask will be compulsory from next Friday. Why they are not being made compulsory immediately and we are being given such a long period to get used to the idea is anyone’s guess. As I suppose is why they weren’t made compulsory back in March.

Despite these new measures our Great Leader reckons it’ll ‘all be over in time for Christmas’. Didn’t they say that about the First World War?

(Thursday 16th July)

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