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Thursday 23 July 2020

The Dandy Highwayman

This is the week that L starts keeping a hammer by her bedside. I ask if it’s something I’ve said but apparently it’s a workout thing.

On Monday I head to Sainsbury’s wearing my mask. Personally, I find it all quite exciting, like a kid playing at being Dick Turpin, either that or Adam Ant. The dandy highwayman who you were too scared to mention. He, however, was spending the cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention rather than alcohol free Prosecco, a fresh coriander and the rest of the week shop.

Apparently it's a ‘bit too sunny’ for tennis are Tuesday, there really is no pleasing some people, but we play anyway.

After work I head over to Derby to meet a friend in the Exeter, which was one of the few pubs that was open on a Tuesday. At the Exeter you use a QR code to sign up to their Track And Trace then you’re supposed to use their website to order your drinks and food. The second bit however proves to be an almighty faff and we hail a member of staff instead.

On the way over the Red Arrow is really busy with all but one person wearing a mask and the driver in his special Trent Barton branded one. The Red Arrow isn’t running in the evenings at the moment so I have to get the i4 back which is a lot quieter with very few masks in use.

I get the 'pleasure' of doing an extra Asda shop this week as my brother is away. For some reason he felt the need to join all the hordes already down on the south coast. I take the shopping over to my parents and stay to watch Derby win 3-1 at Birmingham City in what was the final match of the season.

(Thursday 23rd July)

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