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Sunday 12 July 2020

Covid And Rice

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor and the only member of the Government that anyone likes, announces that the state will paying for 50% of our food bill if we eat out mid-week during August. Err, Ok, I think we can handle a bit of Covid and rice to get the economy going.

He is also going to pay your boss £1000 if he brings you back from Furlough. This all will, of course, further enhance his likeability until he, inevitably, asks for this money back at some point.

I bike to work on Friday and tackle the new ‘improved’ roundabout on the Wyvern that now seems to be complete. The roundabout now has traffic lights on it, it didn’t before, and unfortunately they are not bike friendly. It proves impossible to cycle between the sets of lights before they change. I guess I’m supposed to get back on the cycle path\pavement where I belong.

In other news we now have a water cooler at work, L has been for that novelty knows a haircut, Daughter’s been for a drug test (for her new job) and Friday nights at home are back. Oh and my Brother’s puppy has eaten a sock, ending up at the vets to have it removed. How we remember those days, although we usually didn't know something has been eaten until it emerged from the other end.

On Saturday Derby lose again, at home to Brentford, and on Sunday we have a pleasant night out at the Borlase, enjoying their table service.

(Sunday 12th July)

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