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Friday 3 July 2020

The IT Man

L is out there in the Covid infected big wild world this week, at work, ploughing through hundreds of neglected emails. Where she claims to have hardly seen anyone except for those clearing out the office across the corridor from her, emptying their desks, taking their computers home, and waving goodbye to L as they pass.

It will save that company a fortune in office space and it'll save the staff a fortune in travel, parking fees and childcare. This new normal is going to be quite interesting. There won’t even be an IT man on site anymore, so it’s a good job L has her own IT man on tap.

I’m not too sure I like the new normal at Sainsburys. Although I can now buy some things again that haven’t been on the shelves for a while, there are still at least twenty things I usually buy that are still not available. When, for instance, are curried beans coming back?

Nottingham City Council Leisure aka Active Nottingham Online launch their online exercise classes. You would say that they are perhaps, as ever, a little late to the party but at least they’re here now.

Derby win again on Wednesday, 1-0 at Preston, launching perhaps a improbable late tilt at the Play Offs.

The Lad is missing the still at work L and frustrated at my refusal to play with him constantly. He keeps emphasising his displeasure by jabbing his really sharp nose into my stomach while I’m trying to work.

On Friday I bike to work which I said I would only do if the weather was good. So naturally I have light drizzle in the morning and more persistent rain when I cycle home later. With L in work too in the morning and then visiting her parents in the afternoon the dogs are home alone for a whole day for the first time in months. That’s a shock to their system.

(Friday 3rd July)

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