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Sunday 1 November 2020

A Substantial Meal

I wake up fleeing rough on Friday. I’m blaming something I ate, like the last of the week old clotted cream on one of L’s excellent scones.

On Saturday evening we ‘celebrate’ Halloween by watching Nightmare on Elm Street from 1984. It has to be said that the film hasn’t aged well and the acting is truly terrible but it’s still an enjoyable watch. It features Johnny Depp making his film debut, Johnny hasn’t aged well either. Just ask Amber Heard.

On Sunday, the Lad and I head out to run Fix Events' Going Barking Mad Great Global Dog Run 10k Challenge. MD joins us, as usual, for the last kilometre.

Just as we're preparing to support our local pubs in their first weekend of Tier 3, the Government announces that it will also be our last weekend in Tier 3 as a new National lockdown will be introduced from Thursday. Of course we had been told repeatedly that another lockdown wouldn't be necessary, so obviously it was only a matter of time before yet another screeching u-turn happened. The good news is that our Leffe order has arrived, so we're stocked up.

We still head out to support the pubs meaning we need to have a ‘substantial meal’ with our drinks. The Organ Grinder are offering their usual pork pies and sausage rolls but now with salad while the Borlase have their range of pizzas. L is dreading either option.

However when we get there, the Borlase tell us they are closing early due to lack of trade and direct us to the newly reopened Overdraught instead. Now renamed as The Good Fellow George, it is being run by the former landlord of the Borlase and a chap who was formerly a TV star alongside Daughter.

Unfortunately their beer range is dire, with Harvest Pale, Bass and Doom Bar, so I have to opt for keg and Bear Island IPA to get something remotely interested. I sincerely hope this is simply down to the circumstances of their one weekend only opening and not an indication of their long term strategy. If it is, they won’t last long.

The place itself has improved though, it is much more comfortable and they served us an Antipasti of meats, cheese and bread as our substantial meal which was excellent.

Almost at the same time Scribblers have sold the Room With A Brew but new owners have quickly take over, only to also be shut down promptly. 

(Sunday 1st November)

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