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Sunday 15 November 2020

Bonnie And Clyde

After doing our ‘essential’ food shopping at Sainsbury, which was fairly quiet, I discover rather bizarrely that Homebase is still open and they let me buy a totally non-essential paintbrush. This makes me feel like a total criminal but L reassures me that she has been allowed to buy non-essential chocolate biscuits. So basically we’re Bonnie and Clyde, that is... unless everyone’s at it?

The Government announces that Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are among 67 areas that are going to be targeted with mass testing. Each will receive 10,000 test kits which is a bit of a misuse of the word ‘mass’ as that’s just one test for every 30 people in Nottingham. Much less than that in Nottinghamshire. Perhaps it's just for the hypochondriacs and those who don’t mind being told to self-isolate.

This is even though our numbers are now coming down fast but then I suppose you wouldn’t want to mass test somewhere where infections were going up because then you’d find lots of cases which would make the figures look really bad. It's much safer to test somewhere where they’re going down.

I put my illegal paintbrush to use and paint our new bench. L is looking forward to it being finished so that we can sit outside with a glass of wine, in between rain showers. 

Somewhere between doing my usual Sunday 10k with the Lad and Wednesday my knee seems to have completely given up the ghost. It is so bad I’m practically having to crawl up the stairs which is definitely an escalation from the ongoing issue with my knee I had before.

On Friday L comes home from work in the outside world, armed with a mini bottle of Prosecco and asks me to give her a Zoom lesson. I tell her I think we’ll need a bigger bottle.

On Saturday, after their appalling start to the season, Derby sack Phillip Cocu. We’re now all worried that Wayne Rooney will get the job.

Also on Saturday I end up doing a four and half hour shift at work, working from home, that I wasn't planning on doing at a customer's request. At least the overtime will be good.

On Sunday we start the Nottingham Six Pack Challenge, which is six ‘do any time’ runs in local parks that in total add up to a full marathon. Due to my knee injury we start with the shortest which is a 5k jaunt around Bramcote Hills that they call ‘What's Your Poison?’. As I can barely run, L is strapped to the Lad, something I don't think she enjoys. 

‘Barely run’ turns out to be a bit over optimistic and it takes me 45 minutes to hobble round. The Six Pack website warns us of a ‘technical glitch’ with the route on the Rungo App which you use to navigate. The glitch appears to be it not knowing where the finish is.

(Sunday 15th November)

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