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Sunday 22 November 2020

Cutting Edge

Monday sees visit number three from the Bosch Man, after which the vacuum cleaner still isn’t working. He says he’ll order some more parts and come back. In the evening MD is at the Vets for his annual booster. Due to their Covid rules he has to go in on his own while I have to wait in the street in the cold. I hope he can work the card machine or else they won’t get paid. After that I have another Committee Meeting, which is again held online.

On Tuesday, deciding against Zoom for now, L has her latest virtual meeting at work using WhatsApp with one phone wedged up in between a stapler, recording the meeting on another phone wedged up on a mug. Which, in my experience, is a fairly standard set up. They’re actually more cutting edge than they think.

Meanwhile some workmen have turned up next door to hack down the Amazon Rain Forest that has grown there and which is threatening to scale the fence to invade our own garden. They have quite a job on, so much so that they are at it for two days.

L appears to have left a pear out on the worktop for the Lad. At least he thinks she did, I’m not so sure, but it’s just out of his reach so it’s been quite entertaining watching him try to get it.

On Friday I go into work purely because the car has to go in for it’s MOT and the VW garage is close to work. At least close enough for me to hobble there with my doggy knee. The dogs aren’t happy at me deserting them and I spend most of my day looking at their sad faces on Dog TV.

While L now seems to be getting the hang of Zoom I’m not keen to head over to give my Dad a lesson. Derby County, in their infinite wisdom, have organised a Christmas Party for the Over-85s on Zoom. What could possibly go wrong? I decide I’d rather not find out and thankfully my Dad seems to have forgotten about it.

On Sunday we do the second run in the Nottingham Six Pack Challenge. This one is called the ‘Leaky Hollow 5K’ and is in Cotgrave Country Park formerly famous for the Paws 10k that I ran once with MD. L and Daughter run it with the Lad while I walk it with MD. We all get lost.

(Sunday 22nd November)

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