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Friday 6 November 2020

Local Legend

Having only just joined Strava I am somewhat surprised to be told that I have already claimed the title of ‘Local Legend’ on the esteemed ‘Meadow Lane to A52 Bridge via Walton Road and Ordish Avenue’ route. Cool title eh? I have bagged this coveted crown because I have ran this 0.7km segment five times in the past 90 days which is more than anyone else but, of course, why would you? However it’s a title, so I’ll take it.

Tuesday brings a triple dose of excitement. First there’s another visit from the Bosch repair man who fixes the vacuum cleaner. I leave it on charge for a few hours, then turn it on and it immediately stops working again. So I call Bosch and the whole cycle starts again.

Then we drive Daughter over to Colwick to collect her car from the garage after she snapped a track rod whilst out rallying.

Finally it’s our last dog training session before Lockdown 2.0 is upon us.

I could have mentioned a quadruple dose of excitement as I stay up late to watch some of the US Election but it immediately becomes clear that this will be a bit of a slow burn as Trump does a lot better than anyone expected.

It does becomes clear over the next few days that he has lost and lost substantially, although he doesn’t see it like that and claims it’s all rigged against him. Funny that as I'd have though if there was any rigging to be done, he’d be behind it.

Lockdown 2.0 starts on Thursday but L's work continues to open as normal. She says this is good for her sanity and mine. Unlike the first lockdown there are plenty of people and cars about with the trams\buses still very busy.

The boys take it all very seriously and stay in bed for most of the day. While with the pubs shut again I go back on the kegs of Lockdown Ale and order ‘Mi’ld man’s a dustman’ a 5.4% mild from Lenton Lane.

On Friday I’m in the office myself as I need to use some of the equipment there. There are six of us in the building, three downstairs and three upstairs. I escape at 4:30 so that I can walk the boys up to meet L from work to ruin her peaceful walk home, something we’ve been doing since the park started shutting early.

Friday is also PC Daughter’s first day in the Police.

(Friday 6th November)

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