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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Naked Picnics

Doggo seems to have a bit of an upset stomach so L cooks him white rice which is apparently a good cure. He’ll be hoping that he doesn’t recover too quickly, he’s quite partial to the odd rice dish and it must make a nice change from his usual munchies.

Nottingham City council bans naked picnics on Wollaton Park, at least my naturists. 


Can’t help feeling the council have missed a fund raising trick there.

Its Daughter’s 21st birthday today so we head up to Sheffield to help her celebrate. We visit the Lescar for probably the last time and because I have a £5 voucher. We sit outside so that the dogs have plenty to bark at. She fills us in on her various jobs, interviews for jobs and how her revision on dinosaurs is going.

(Wednesday 25th June)

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