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Friday, 6 June 2014

The Dreaded Health Check

L has been called in for the dreaded health check by her GP, like the one I had at Christmas and got a rollicking for. It does appear though that the nurse didn’t shout at her and L probably remembered to put her rucksack down when they weighed her. Actually, L points out that she changed into a nice light summer dress especially. Not an option that was open to me. I just hope she’s left it on.

She’s off work again today, which upset the boys routine. MD soon got over his shock, had a good stretch and then skipped off for his ball. They also met me off the bus later and helped me hobble home.

Tonight’s special is Baked Elastic (Alaska) that L has cooked. That, wine and the summer dress should make for a very good night. 

(Friday 6th June)

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