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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Swan Song

Today it’s the Ramathon, L’s 13.1 swan song. I’ve failed a late fitness test and won’t be competing. Actually it’s wasn’t that late, I’ve been hobbling all week. It was never looking likely.

So L sets off from Elvaston Castle for the first running of this event since 1996. It’s a hot morning, which won’t help the runners.

The route is very different to the old one and is centred around Elvaston, Shardlow, Ambaston but reaches almost to Alvaston. Hopefully the organisers intend to widen its reach as it becomes more established and take it into Derby itself.

Organisation is excellent, although perhaps a few more drinks stations might have helped in the heat. I could have done with one myself as I hobbled up to Ambaston Lane to cheer L though. The dogs were with me giving extra vocal support.

Then we hobbled back again and I went to the finish to see if I could pick up a race t-shirt. As I stood there, fully clothed, flashing my race number while the first few finishers lay gasping on the grass they were clearly impressed and asked how quickly I had ran. At this point I had to fess up and show off my limp. Got the t-shirt though.

The race t-shirt will be a bit too patriotic for most as it sports far too many references to Derby County. Sadly the many runners who have travelled from around the country (and from Nottingham) to be here won’t wear it become of that. So a marketing own goal there.

L isn’t as quick as she had hoped but has clearly left it all out on the road, as you should. Her post race treat, at her request, is Sunday Lunch at the New Inn in Shardlow which she then feels too faint to eat a lot of. The dogs and I assist.

She’s recovered by later though, after copious amounts of cheese on toast, and is knocking back the beer and wine as we head into Stapleford to the Horse and Jockey to celebrate the swan song.

(Sunday 8th June)

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