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Friday, 27 June 2014

Tax Dodging

There is a young boy in our bathroom this morning who is being paid £50 in used bank notes. So he’s tax dodging obviously but he’s bringing our flushing mechanism into the 21st Century, so it should be worth it.

L is impressed anyway, ‘the loo is beautiful’ she proclaims in a huge overstatement. We are now the proud owners of a flush with no overflow, which are old hat (apparently). Unfortunately it’s not to be used by ham fisted children or men. So neither Daughter nor I are allowed to use it.

After work I visit the pool, it was about time, and do 70 lengths.

Friday night in, of course, but with no World Cup football as it’s a rest day. So just wafting fields of wheat, bottles of Leffe and perhaps Top of The Pops. The dogs will be expecting a takeaway but they’ll be disappointed as I’m cooking. They’ll bark the delivery man off anyway, even if he doesn’t exist.

(Friday 27th June)

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