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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Return To Action

It’s very busy at the pool tonight as I finally make a return to action, ten days after the half a****. I’m sure when L went for a swim this morning she was cruising up and down an empty lane whereas tonight it’s horrifically busy.

The top four lanes (of six) are all full of quick swimmers and I end up down in lane four. God knows what the dawdlers thought of that, the ones that didn’t bail out for an early shower that is.

L is in the gym pumping iron and I’m warned not to blow kisses to anyone on the dreadmill, which you can see from the pool, as it won't be her. I don’t even get chance to check if there’s anyone worth blowing kisses to as I arrive late and with a Mocha date with L pencilled in for 6:30 I only have chance for 50 quick ones.

(Tuesday 10th June)

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