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Sunday 29 June 2014

Promotion At Last

We’re at a dog show called Dogs Unleashed today at Bakewell. L is with us, supporting but secretly coming to clear the place out of Bakewell pudding. The puddings may, of course, be world famous but you know they’re just not going to be anything like the one she made at Christmas.

MD has four runs today but sadly there’s nothing for Doggo. The entries are quite small, so if ever there’s a chance for MD to get that vital promotion winning run, it is today. Mind you, we’ve been to several small shows before and said exactly the same thing. Famous last words.

We get five faults in our first run but with a small field struggling to get around a tough course, we still come third. It wasn’t even a very good run. Our second run is better and clear. It puts us in the lead and then as dog after dog fails to beat us, we win. Blimey. At last we will move up to Grade 4. The boy done good, finally.

Our remaining two runs are forgettable and not clear. Although I find our later that our final one was still good enough for a rosette for 11th. We are long gone by the time the presentation is made, off to start the celebrations.

(Sunday 29th June)

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