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Thursday 9 February 2017

Go Hang

I take the bus to work today, as I feel I have a touch of cold and a touch is how it’s staying, if that’s what it is. I’m not sure because I’m not used to having colds, so wouldn’t really recognise one.

L meanwhile is positively glowing after a swim and Pilates this morning until she visits her physio who tells her she isn’t done with her yet but that is what they all say. She has also told her that she need to ‘go hang’ somewhere to strengthen her back. The only question is where? We do have a tree in the garden.

Daughter meanwhile is off to a farewell high tea in a Manchester Skyscraper.
There is no squash tonight because I haven’t booked a court. Two weeks ago my opponent turned up with more bandages than the invisible man and could barely walk, so naturally I haven’t booked anything as it’s so much hassle booking, cancelling then rebooking. Sadly, the Portland Centre haven't discovered the internet yet.

Then he declares himself fit at about three hours notice. Surprisingly there is a court available but tough; I’ve booked the pub now although I do book a court for next week. I do a quick gym session first and then L meets me off the bus with the boys. She then carries on walking with MD all the way to the Dispensary. Doggo and I return home and then drive there where I get to add another stout to the list.

(Thursday 9th February)

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