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Tuesday 14 February 2017

Valentines, The Traditional Way

I’m in the car today, so I first provide backup support to this morning’s dog walking by bringing up the rear with Doggo whilst the athletic ones have a game of ball.

My ‘little bit’ of a cold now seems to have manifested itself as a bigger one but I’d already passed it on to L by then. Either that or she’s making a meal of it. She still swims though but she should really be hanging from a bar somewhere.

We spend Valentine’s night the traditional way e.g I’m at the match and L’s at book club. The matches seem to have come in pairs all season and this one's another goal fest as Derby lose 4-3 to Cardiff thereby banging a few more nails in the promotion coffin.

I do bring a couple of large medicinal whiskies to bed with me to try to breathe some life into my cold struck life partner.

(Tuesday 14th February)

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