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Friday 3 February 2017

Something Strange Happens On The Way To Work

Something strange happens on the way in to work. As I’m cycling along the sun comes out and I stop in shock. I even switch my lights off. I reach for my sunglasses but of course they are still in the drawer at home that is marked ‘things for the summer’. All very odd, yesterday it was still dark when I arrived at work.

So it’s a pleasant ride in the unfamiliar brightness although that doesn't stop me feeling totally knackered as it’s been a while since I’ve cycled three times in one week.

Daughter is on her way to interview number three and she isn’t terribly happy about it. I think everyone has told her she must go because it’s really bad when people drop out of interviews at the last minute or worse still just don’t turn up. It’s wasted so much of everyone’s time here.

L enters the Hairy Helmet, which is a relay for teams of four. Apparently I’m in that team and I’ve paid for the whole team as well, so I suppose I better be. Although MD, my running partner, isn't invited. He’ll be gutted.

Tonight we get in the traditional Friday night along with another takeaway from the rather excellent Curry Busters.

(Friday 3rd February)

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