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Monday 27 February 2017

The 6am Swim

Up at 6am and off with L for an early morning swim in the 50m pool at Harvey Hadden. The boys come too and then I drop the three of them back at Harrow Road for their morning walk and ball chuck.

It seemed to work quite well, although L did get home to find that next door’s builders had cheekily parked on our drive. They did at least have the decency to be apologetic about it and she let them stay put.  I make it to work on time, just. As everyone is off ill, there is at least room in the car park.

It's back to the grind for both of us. L dealing with all the work her office junior has diligently saved up for her and me with all the work nobody’s even looked at.

The much anticipated and much dreaded A52\Pride Park junction roadworks start today with a month of pre-works, mainly tree felling I believe, which won’t apparently affect the A52 itself but still manages to lock up Sainsbury’s at lunchtime.

After work, L and the new lodger head off to the gym while I go for a quickie myself.

The Oscars have been presented, again before we have managed to see all of the candidates. For saying the boost the awards season gives to film going they don’t seem to manage is very well in the UK. Most of the films were out in America late last year but don’t tend to be released over here until about now, at the point they’re already handing the awards out. Surely it would be beneficial to either get the films out here earlier or push the awards ceremonies back a month or so?

(Monday 27th February)

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