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Monday 6 February 2017

The Great Iceberg Lettuce Stampede

I keep nagging L about doing her physio routine and she does get in her exercises and rolling in this morning. Apparently Doggo sat patiently and watched, which is a first as he usually gets overexcited and joins in. I sympathise with him as it has the same effect on me but apparently MD just stayed downstairs and howled. I bet Jess Ennis never had these problems.

Daughter’s interview folder turns up as L revisits the cafĂ© where a different chap discloses that he had found it and had put it on one side. Bravo.

I go shopping and expect to be crushed in the great iceberg lettuce stampede, what with Tesco rationing customers to just three per visit. Seriously who buys three lettuces in one go? The stampede is oddly absent.

L’s out on the lash tonight having a curry in Ockbrook although I think she is secretly jealous of me being left alone in the house with the fresh crusty loaf. She needn’t worry, I will be taking undue advantage of it. She asks me to pick her up at 8.30, it’s just a small Monday night sort of lash.

Before then I do one of them swim things, which I ought to be doing more of. I do 40 lengths of the pool but share a lane with three women, all of whom are faster than me so it’s not a relaxed session. The pool itself is rammed but then only half the pool is open to the public as two people are having lessons in the other half. I would have thought it would be more viable to have scheduled these at a quieter time perhaps?

(Monday 6th February)

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