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Monday 13 February 2017

Meeting For Meeting's Sake

I’m in London today, for work, for a largely pointless meeting organised by someone whose job is to organise meetings. We go on the train. Nobody really has much to say to each other as we only met just before Christmas and little has moved on since then therefore the meeting finishes very early, as we suspected it would.

This leaves us with several hours to kill, as moving to an earlier train will cost 60 quid each. I’m really not sure where the logic is in that, as we are offering to free up seats on a peak time train where spaces are scarce in favour of a mid-afternoon off peak train that will be half empty. They should be paying us.

Once back home, we have an early night as L says she’s shattered and needs her bed, not too shattered I hope. Then we get up again later to eat.

(Monday 13th February)

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