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Monday 4 September 2017

As Simple As That

It’s a rare Monday on the bike as obviously I still have no car and at the moment I’m not sure how I’m going to get it sorted.

Then, surprisingly, someone who said they’d ring me back actually does. The friend of a friend of a friend from Saturday calls. So I shoot off early from work to meet him at home, pedalling as furiously as I can, thankfully it was just a 10k yesterday. At least I’ve got a good workout out of it.

He’s a nice retired old fella who diagnoses a deceased battery. As simple as that! He then gives me a lift to get another one. Having pre-warned the local motorist spares centre that we are on our way, they stay open until we arrive.

We get another battery and suddenly everything is good to go. Having already made my apologies to dog training, I take the opportunity to go visit my Mum, whose birthday I missed on Saturday. 

(Monday 4th September)

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