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Tuesday 12 September 2017

The Wino’s Shelf

After a day off, today effectively becomes Monday e.g. I’m in the car and doing the shopping.

L sends me for some cheap plonk to put in the cake she’s baking for me. No expense spared for our own Bake Off. I have a long look on the wino’s shelf at Sainsburys but in the end come back with a bottle of Old Tom, which she suggested just so that she can lick the spoon.

I had been expecting to be going to the football tonight but I found out only a few days ago that apparently we now have an away cup game at Barnsley instead of a home league game. Nice of them to tell me.

As expected our illustrious manager decides to field the reserves while Barnsley take it seriously, hence we lose. With none of the first team involved it makes you wonder why they cancelled the league game, they could have played both simultaneously.

With nothing happening in the league and unlikely to do so, I can lose interest again now until the FA Cup starts, when we will probably play a weakened team again...

(Tuesday 12th September)

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