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Sunday 3 September 2017

Minimal Damage

We are still without a car, so we forced to use public transport to get over to Leicester for the newest of Asda Foundation / Jane Tomlinson Run For All events. They call it the ‘first’ Leicester 10k but there are multiple 10ks in Leicester and always have been, this is just the latest.

Many race plans in the past have been scuppered by the lack of public transport options so I am pleasantly surprised\shocked to find that there are actually trains to Leicester before 9am on a Sunday and that the Nottingham tram starts at 6am on a Sunday. Wow.

So in the end it proves relatively easy to get to Abbey Park for the event.

The route of the 10k sounds nice. It takes us across the Grand Union Canal, into the city centre, past the Richard III visitor centre, past the cathedral, then twice over the River Soar before ending with a final lap of the park. I didn’t really notice much of that...

My only aim is to not get re-injured, so it’s a case of stick at a steady pace all the way round and a laborious time of 48:36 shows that it’s job well done. There’s even a post race massage to check out the damage, which I’m told is negligible. The masseur concurs that I’m good to go and compliments Thursday’s treatment.

L runs it too and seems equally ecstatic afterwards to have survived it.

Then it’s back to Nottingham where we are met by Daughter whom we have agreed to get properly shod, as in some proper trainers. Now she has become a (whisper it very very quietly) runner, she is suffering a bit with shin splints and sore knees. She gets a gait analysis at Up & Running and I leave with a very much lighter bank balance. Lets call it a payment for next weekend’s dog sitting.

Then we spend the evening hitting the recovery drinks in the Crafty Crow.

(Sunday 3rd September)

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