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Thursday 14 September 2017

Doubling Up

I’m on the bike again today, doubling up on my Cycle to Work Day miles because they've extended the event for those who bottled out due to Storm Aileen yesterday.

It’s a good job I’m on the bike because it’s traffic Armageddon outside our own front door with Wollaton Road shut due to an earlier accident. Everyone diverted along Harrow Road, which was like a car park and the kids were all stood at the bus stop panicking about getting to school... err, you could walk.

Tonight we again play tennis in the dome as a sort of grand finale to the season. While we play, L tries to grab a nice relaxing sauna but finds it taken over by what appears to be a taxi drivers' convention.

We had tried to get one of the main indoor courts for tonight but they were all booked. They are actually the same price as the dome courts but they probably come with lights that work, one corner of our court was dark where one of the floodlights had packed up.

Drinks afterwards in the Crown.

(Thursday 14th September)

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