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Monday 18 September 2017

Nectar Theft

After doing the shopping at Sainsbury’s this lunch time I find out that my Nectar card has been emptied, someone has stolen all 9200 points I had on there. That’s round about £50.

Checking online I find out that they’ve been spent at Argos. That certainly wasn’t me and unsurprisingly L says it wasn’t her either.

I contact Nectar and rather worryingly they don’t seem at all surprised. They cancel the card, set me up a new account, transfer the points and add another 2000 as a goodwill gesture. I’ve just got to wait for the new card to arrive which will apparently take about two weeks... no rush then.

No dog training tonight as I have a committee meeting, which goes well. There are no fights etc etc.

(Monday 18th September)

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