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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Off The Substitutes' Bench

Today I get a bizarre call from our local Post Office. They have MD’s dog tag but apparently MD isn’t attached to it. I check with L, just in case she’s lost him, but she assures me he was at home when she left for work. I tell them we’ll pick it up next time we’re passing.

After work I run 5k, then get the bus part of the way home, then run another 5k. That, however, is just the first part of tonight’s running schedule.

With L temporarily out of commission I am called off the substitutes' bench and tasked with running with Daughter tonight. She has already apologised, many times, in advance for being slow. While I feel I should be apologising for being fast. She likens me to a race horse, albeit a slightly limping one, and her a Shetland pony.

I am apparently required to chitchat all the way round our 5k, which isn’t really my forte and not something I’m used to. No one speaks to you when you’re on 1:45 pace for a half marathon, no one is capable of speaking to you.

MD joins us and helps ruin our time, which isn’t what she was hoping for. So she might not be asking us again.

(Wednesday 20th September)

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