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Friday 16 February 2018

Enter The Yorkshire Lad

We go to work this morning and leave our little Yorkshire Lad in a large cage next to the two other dogs so they can all be together. L will come home at lunch time to give the Lad a mad romp round the garden, let him destroy a few things and then put him back in his cage for the afternoon.

By Tuesday MD has an upset stomach which we put down to the stress of having his ear continually bitten by the new puppy but he won’t tell him off, so it’s really his own fault. Doggo has no such qualms about taking the Lad down a peg or two.

Feeding three dogs who eat at very different speeds is interesting. Doggo needs absolutely no distractions from anyone to digest his ham and cheese omelette and certainly not the Lad bolting down his own food before working his way round everyone else’s. I suppose being in a litter of nine can make you competitive.

I make a note to myself to somehow nurture that speed when I start his Agility training. Sticking a food bowl down at the end of the course is apparently against the rules.

The Lad has his first visit to vets and he loves it. He loves everything at the moment. I take him to dog training with me, which he also loves. It looks like he can’t wait to get started. While L is looking forward to taking the Lad on the park with her and MD. He’ll love that too but will she? Two lively dogs to cope with at once.

At home he does seem to be developing an unhealthy liking for pebbles and we keep having to scrape them out of his mouth. That needs to stop.

On Thursday I take the Lad to squash, well he waits in the car but then comes in the pub afterwards where he pulls all the women and most of the blokes too. L walks there with MD.

On Friday Daughter has her interview with police, we all have everything crossed, while the Lad goes visiting L’s folks in Mickleover.

(Friday 16th February)

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