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Friday 9 February 2018

Puppy Shopping

We did have plans to run on Sunday but in the end we don’t, having both overdone it a bit yesterday.

Doggo is struggling with one of his legs and he doesn’t make it to the paper shop with me this morning. Which is a slightly distressing first. I have to take him back home and go back without him. He continues to struggle throughout the day and we both cancel our evening gym\velodrome plans to stay with him. Daughter comes over to stay with us, fearing the worst.

Then Doggo improves slightly overnight, manages his normal morning walk and his now usual breakfast of sausage and boiled egg. We all go to work as normal but L comes home at lunchtime to find that the old man is doing ok.
On Tuesday it snows, a little, and so I get the bus into work. Typically there is no snow at all in Derby when I get there. Naturally we’re all still very worried about Doggo although he does seem a bit perkier and he enjoys his snow eating on his morning walk but L again goes home after lunch.

MD needs training, for both his growing waist line and the fact we have Crufts in a month. So L stays at home with Doggo, who misses out on possibly his first ever night of dog training but it’s really too cold for him. He is waiting by the front door for us when we get home after having feasted on his Fray Bentos steak pie.

On Wednesday it's omelette for breakfast, for Doggo . I ask whether it was cheese and mushroom or cheese and ham? Neither apparently because he’s a dog. Who’d have known.

L again goes home in the afternoon, taking her work with her. All is well but the new mop is getting plenty of use and the problem with working from home in February is you have to do so in your coat as MD always wants the back door open, no matter what the weather.

I make an enquired about a puppy but it’s gone, there will be others I’m sure.In the evening I'm out with my friend from school.

By Thursday L is compiling a shopping list for the new addition, that we haven’t got yet. Then I get a message from a chap in Sheffield who has a eight week Tri-Colour Border Collie which we arrange to go see on Friday evening.

Back home, Doggo turns down the dog pate we bought him when he sees the word 'dog' on the label and probably the fact it was Lidl's own brand didn't help as he always has been a bit of a snob. Instead I serve him corned beef for tea so that he doesn’t just fill up on crisps in the pub after squash. L skips squash as she is out in Derby instead.

On Friday we head up to Sheffield to meet our potential new puppy although nobody is under any illusions. I’m assuming he'll be coming home with us no matter what given the amount of stuff that has already been bought in his honour. L’s even bought the tonic for the very large G and T she has a feeling she'll be needing later.

Daughter is full of cold but still insists on coming with us. I hope she’s not going to infect the puppy, if that is even possible which I’m sure it isn’t.

As expected the little Yorkshire lad with no tail, well a bob tail, comes home with us.

(Friday 9th February)

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