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Saturday 24 February 2018

The Lad On Tour

This morning we head over to Bedworth Parkrun, which is Nuneaton way. We are on our way to visit Son, to introduce him to the Lad. His GF seems terribly enthusiastic to meet him, she’s probably hoping it might help her twist Son’s arm to get their own little bundle of furry joy. We make a mental note to take our own coffee... and milk. Do they even have a kettle?

We had considered the parkrun at War Memorial Park in Coventry but we’re still traumatised by the many races we’ve done that consist of multiple loops of War Memorial Park, even though the last time we visited must be about ten years ago now.

Bedworth is actually a new Parkrun and this is only the second running. It goes well, as does the visiting. Then it’s back home for a night in, we both have loops of Holme Pierrepoint to do tomorrow.
(Saturday 24th February)

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