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Friday 2 February 2018

Feeding Time

The weekend finishes with a leg sapping session at Derby's Velodrome followed by a reviving few pints and a takeaway curry. Which the boys enjoy too.

So it's probably no great surprise that Doggo doesn’t want his breakfast in the morning, having eaten late and having, as I recall, sausage rolls and crisps as well as his naan bread. Not healthy but we’re beyond that. There is already chicken roasting in the oven for his tea and hopefully there might even be some for the rest of us as well.

Monday evening is my post-show Committee Meeting and then Tuesday, we’re puppy hunting. Looking after Doggo has sorted of grounded our holiday plans, so we might as well be disrupted by a puppy at the same time.

It had started out as spaniel shopping but after being knocked out by the price they ask for them we’ve reverted to looking at collie puppies. Even they are getting expensive but we’re happy with cheap as chips, if we can find one. All there seems to be in the paper are Chuahapoos, whatever they are.

L heads off to Mickleover visiting, leaving Salmon cooking in the oven for Doggo.

Wednesday and Doggo is now turning down most food that isn’t salmon, chicken, best steak or today, cheese and crackers. The solution may be to order him a take away every night, as he seems to like them. Problem is we’d all be the size of a house, MD is already heading that way as he is getting all Doggo’s leftovers.
I’m on the bike, dodging the weather. The wind blows me to work but luckily the horrendous hailstorm happens at lunchtime, leaving relatively benign conditions for the ride home.

Thursday I’m in the car with my track bike in the back. I take it in to the bike shop to have my new super cog, a Christmas present from L, installed. I tried to do it myself but the chain was too short, so thought I best leave it to the experts.

Doggo moves on to sausages and boiled eggs, now one small step away from a Full English. That dog is better fed than me and despite his cranky eating, his dodgy legs and dodgy bladder he still seems to enjoying his morning walks with me.

Squash is on, sadly, because L had tended a better offer. So instead L and MD walk power walk there before joining us and Doggo in the pub.

On Friday I have another day in London but I'm home in time to accept the deferred better offer from L. 

(Friday 2nd February)

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