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Friday 23 February 2018

Licence To Roam

Sunday I’m at the Velodrome again and then afterwards in the Exeter Arms with the Lad. Naturally he's a babe magnet, well not just a babe magnet an everyone magnet because it’s not just the girls, all the boys are going gooey eyed over him as well.

Monday, I’m back in London again. This time it’s Islington and I’m on my own, so it’s by train. It was supposed to be routine visit to upgrade their computers but it took far longer than I expected. I ended up having to leg it for my 4pm train, with little or no time to crash out in the First Class Lounge let alone the Parcel Yard bar. L thinks I’m just pretending to be in London to grab an extra couple of quiet hours away from the new puppy.

Tuesday, it’s L turn to hit The Smoke. She is chaperoning her boss, which in the current climate seems essential whoever his patient is. So I walk MD, which is a bit of a change of pace after only walking Doggo for the last few weeks. Then I take all three dogs to dog training in the evening. Perhaps I should accuse L of pretending to be in London to grab an extra couple of quiet hours away from the new puppy.

She says her stress levels are puppified to a new level now and she’s fantasising about sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail. I bet the Lad would absolutely love the beach.

On Wednesday, I go home after work to mop up the puddles and to de-cage the Lad before heading back to pick up my Dad for the match. Derby play Leeds and it was all Derby. The game should have been all over by half time and we should have been at least four up but of course it was Leeds who went ahead. Derby did equalise but then the same thing happened in the second half. It finished 2-2. This season is slowly going down the pan.

I finally get on my bike on Thursday which is a nice (almost) spring day but we’re not fooled. Winter isn’t done with us yet. Thursday is also squash and my opponent tells me about his No-C Diet – which means no Cakes, Carbonated drinks, Carry Out (aka Takeaways), Chips, Cheese, Chocolate, Cookies (aka Biscuits), Commercial Wine, Commercial Beer, Crisps, Confectionery (including Puddings and Desserts), Cream and Custard.

See what he did there? Commercial Wine and Commercial Beer e.g. licence to roam.

Taking on board his carefully worded exemption, as I don’t have a sweet tooth, the list isn’t too challenging. Apart from cheese that is, which I have bucket loads of.

(Friday 23rd February)

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