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Sunday, 25 November 2018

All For A Hoodie

Today we are in Clowne which is midway between Worksop and Chesterfield, all for a hoodie. This is the second time I have run the Clowne Half Marathon. The first time was in 2015 and they insured that I would probably never come back when they handed me the red race t-shirt with Santa and his Elves on it.

Well, would you believe it, the following year they scrapped the Christmas themed t-shirt idea and started handing out hoodies instead which were not red and didn’t Santa or his Elves on them. Various folk, you know who you are, have been flaunting these must have articles of clothing ever since.

So here I am. L, clearly not a hoodie chaser, isn’t joining me in the race.

The run itself is undulating, obviously, and is a jaunt through several local villages. It goes well and I record a 'ok' time of 1:45:48. Which I then compare with my time in 2015, which was on the back of doing 1:40:01 at Leicester but was 1:50:16. Hmmm. Today’s time is perhaps not as rubbish as I thought.

Again the injuries have stayed away but, I’m sure, the moment I enter my target race of April’s Manchester Marathon...

(Sunday 25th November)

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