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Saturday 3 November 2018

Not Quite Past It Yet

After their endeavours yesterday, L and Daughter marshal at Forest Rec parkrun. Damn, this probably means I’m expected to run. So MD and I do. A time of 25:32 shows that neither of us are quite past it yet.

We hear taht they are trying to set up a new Parkrun in Alvaston Park, which would be good. Whilst we are inundated with Parkruns in Nottingham, ones in Derby are rare beasts indeed. Apparently everything is agreed but they need to pay Parkrun £3,000 as a start up fee, presumably for all the equipment. They are trying to get this through a community scheme that Aviva are running but personally I would have thought going round all the local parkruns with a bucket asking for donations would have done the job.

L then has her tennis, despite the relatively high winds. A least she has a ready made excuse if her shots go astray. I head over to fix my Dad’s internet. He’s been struggling to understand which of his three passwords he has (for his account, his router and his Wi-Fi), he should use where. I talk to his ISP's support for him and translate.

I have a home match and then later in the evening L and I meet up with some friends for our biannual night out. This time it’s a curry at Daughter’s local Masala Junction, the winner of Nottingham's Best Indian award this year, although Daughter appears to have had a better offer. We do drinks first in the nearby Doctor’s Orders and it’s a good night even if the food, while good, is nothing spectacular and we order far too much. 

(Saturday 3rd November)

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