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Sunday 11 November 2018

Forced Into It

Saturday bring a parkrun at Markeaton and then on Sunday we participate in the Coalville 10k. This is another one done by those folk at Nice Work and it’s the seventh running of the race. L's done it before but keeps the details to herself until I’ve entered. Bascially it's two loops and mostly off road. Then she asks if I’m sure I’m not being forced into it. Of course I’m sure I am being forced into it.

She also doesn’t mention, or has forgotten about, the big off road hill that is impossible to get up in the current wet conditions without resorting to crawling on one’s hand and knees.

The race is held entirely within the grounds of Snibston Country Park and includes a lap around one their car parks, otherwise known as waste ground following the demolition of the Discovery Museum which once stood there.In fact I'm sure it hosted the start and finish when we were last here in 2013.

It’s fun, I suppose.

Afterwards we warm down (?) with a game of tennis, well a knock up anyway. As much as you can get knocked up in multiple layers of clothing due to the cold.

(Sunday 11th November)

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