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Saturday 17 November 2018


Today L does something called the Nottingham Readers Day. It’s a book thing. With me being illiterate and having to have everything read to me by those nice people at Audible, she hasn’t booked me a place.

One of her friends is giving a talk called Dark Fairytales about the terrors of stories like Sleeping Beauty which apparently amounts to a borderline rape tale. I’m not sure how she’ll get away with that, they’ll be protests on the streets outside.

L's also booked into something called Working Class literature but that has been cancelled. How ironic is that? I assume they called in claiming a duvet day. She opts for a replacement of the snappily named - Shelf, Share or Charity Shop instead.

Meanwhile, I take the Lad on his first full circuit of Wollaton Park. He checks out the moat and restyles his white bits as non white bits. 

(Saturday 17th November)

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