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Friday 30 November 2018

Once A Week Doesn’t Cut It

I mistakenly pick Tuesday this week as my running night. The weather is foul. Wet and cold. L offers to pick me up from my run so that I don’t freeze to death waiting for the bus. She seems very keen to offer but then it does get her out of ball chucking duties.

Not that you can't really chuck balls if it's raining. Although try telling that to MD but then this is the dog who can’t even decide which ball he’s using.

I run my now usual route towards Long Eaton and L cruises towards me. In the end she waits for me outside the pub on Wilsthorpe Island. This knocks about a mile off my route which given the conditions is fine. In fact I wish it was more.

Wednesday is possibly fouler, so the Tuesday choice suddenly doesn't look so bad. I’m glad I'm not running then or cycling. I save the cycling until Friday. Dogging is Wednesday though and Monday as well.

Thursday is squash but I couldn’t get a court for our usual time of 6.45, so we play at 7.30 which my opponent complains is almost past his bedtime. MD disgraces himself later in the pub and wees up the chairs. I have to do a hasty mop up job with some serviettes.

Friday’s cycling is hard work, very hard work. Once a week doesn’t really cut it.

L’s tennis is on a Friday this week and we pick her up afterwards.

(Friday 30th November)

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