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Friday 2 November 2018

Organic Matter

We were out in Beeston last night and were discussing what happened to the house that Daughter's old music teacher used to give flute lessons in. The area was all redeveloped a few years ago. I had looked at his Facebook page and saw that it stopped in 2010, which was ominous. L did a bit more digging and found in the Nottingham Post archives that he died in October 2010 aged 59 years. His wife died just 18 months later. All very sad.

MD is at the vets tonight for his annual booster after which we were due to dash off to dog training but it’s been cancelled, I think its too cold for everyone.

L is the one in London on Tuesday and riding First Class. I tell her to go easy on the free biscuits and she does. She hits the free cake instead.

I run after work and it mostly goes well. I end up running further than I planned after mistiming my attempt to grab a bus, twice. So I end up doing 13.2k as I head to Sandiacre where the buses are more frequent. The only problem with this is that the Borrowash to Risley stretch of the route is unlit. I coped until I tripped over a pile of horse manure and went full length. At least I avoided landing in the ‘organic matter’ and also, for once, didn’t injure myself aside from a grazed knee. A mere flesh wound but, more distressingly, I did rip my running trousers. I should have took a head torch.

On Wednesday, Derby play Chelsea in the League Cup 4th Round. So I skip training and go through the shame of buying another day of Sky TV. Derby don’t make it easy for themselves by scoring two own goals. They lose 3-2 but it’s a decent effort.

Thursday, I bike and almost make it to work before it rains but not quite. Squash is back on and the timing is such that I can make it to the Tennis Centre afterwards to pick L up from her tennis session.

I take Friday morning off work to meet an electrician, who does a EICR test. To his credit he was early and was all done in half an hour after condemning most of our electrics. He says he will send us a quote for a full re-wire even though the lighting circuits are fine apparently, we alreday have modern plastic wiring and the sockets probably only failed because there is a break somewhere because a couple of them aren’t working. Problem is, no one seems to want to fix this for us.

They’ll have to dig all the walls out and pull up the flooring to rewire. It will probably take a few weeks to do and it will make a right mess. So having the painter we are after would be a waste of time and having the plasterer in would have been a waste of time. Not going to happen.

On Friday, L and Daughter do the East Leake Night Run. L and I have done this before but I opt to spectate this time with the boys. Given Tuesday's incident and the off-road terrain the risk of injury is simply too great. The best thing though is the food and a pint afterwards which is very welcome, even for us non-runners.

(Friday 2nd November)

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