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Sunday 18 August 2019

Don't Ask For Yorkshire Pudding

On Sunday I am back at the Leek Half Marathon for the first time since 2011. Which was when L convinced me what a great race it was beforehand and then vowed how much she hated it afterwards. We’ve not been back since.

The race has had a bit of a chequered history since then. It was cancelled in 2014 and was nearly lost to the calendar completely. It was reduced to 10 miles last year due to moorland fires.

So it’s good to be back and to find that nothing has actually changed. They do say it’s a different route these days but I couldn’t tell. Needless to say it still isn’t flat. Although I suppose the selling point is the great view from the Roaches, if you can get enough oxygen in to your lungs by then to enjoy it.

The only thing that has obviously changed is me. Did I really run this in 1:43 in 2011? I do 1:53 today.

Afterwards we go looking for a Sunday Lunch and make the mistake of visiting Mr Grundy’s in Derby. They have some decent beer but we waited 40 minutes to be served our Sunday Lunch. When we politely asked what the hold up was they said they were waiting for the Yorkshire Puddings.  Then they unilaterally decided to serve it to us without. Perhaps they didn’t dare tell us how much longer it would be and they didn’t even give us more of something else to make up for it.

In the evening we read a review of the place and find out that our experience there isn’t uncommon. 

(Sunday 18th August)

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