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Tuesday 13 August 2019

Ready For A Change

L is at the Tennis Centre Physio on Monday, where she finds out that she has Gluteal Tendinopathy. She is still allowed to run and is encouraged to keep mobile but to cut out sitting. They also told her she has to keep her legs apart. I found that bit quite amusing but I didn’t dare ask how I could help.

In an unrelated fitness decision, she has cancelled her direct debit for her tennis coaching. She says she’s ready for a change. She has to give a month's notice but given that we are away for the rest of this month, this means that this week’s session will be her last one.

Of course when she goes to the gym on Tuesday they tell her at the desk that they’re sorry to hear she’s leaving the gym. Cancelling anything with the City Council is always hard work, so we’re hardly surprised they’ve messed this one up.

Monday I’m at dog training while I spend Tuesday evening at my Dad’s signing him up to a new car insurance provider after his existing one doubled his premium after he was subject to a scam claim on it. 

(Tuesday 13th August)

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